Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8
Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8
Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8
Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8
Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8
Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8

Private Canmore Food Bike Tour - price for a group of 8

Regular price$1,432.00

Get ready to embark on an exciting two-wheel food adventure! Hop on a bike and cycle with our friendly tour guides to three local food destinations in Canmore all while cycling along the bow river with stunning mountain views.
  • When: Tuesday- Sunday
  • Tour Start Time: 12:30 - 4:30pm
  • Tour Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour Departure: 12:30pm (make sure to come 20-minutes beforehand).
  • Starting Location: 1 Pl
  • Meeting Address: 1 Industrial Pl #109B, Canmore, AB T1W 1Y1
  • 3 stops:  Market Bistro → Epi Canmore or Roaring Rolls or Crazyweed → Alder Cafe
  • Experience: Get a VIP-behind the scenes experience from Canmore's local food establishments.
  • Includes: Chef curated meals, gratuity to the restaurants, mountain views are included.
  • Guided Tour: From our friendly Food Bike Tour team.
  • Biking Level: Easy to moderate. When on a hill turn e-bikes to the highest level of pedal assist making riding up a hill effortless without the need to get off your bike.
  • Average riding: 30 minutes between stops at a casual pace.
  • Ages: Family friendly 12+
  • Gratuity is appreciated for the guide(s) at your discretion.
  • Bring your own bike (BYOB). Electric bike rental options are available.
  • Allergies: Can accommodate most allergies (i.e., gluten, dairy, vegetarian) must be noted when booking.
  • Tickets can be cancelled and refunded up to seven (7) days before your scheduled tour.
  • Weather: Rain or shine
  • Limited spots available

Book your tickets by selecting your desired tour date. Note any allergies when booking

Check your confirmation email for information on departure time, parking, what to bring and where to start tour.

Start your tour make sure to show up 20-minutes before tour begins.

Have Fun! Tag us on Instagram @FoodBikeTour #FoodBikeTour 

  • Have layers of clothing
  • Dress for the weather
  • Ensure bike has been serviced.
  • Proper shoes
  • Helmet (Very Highly Advised)
  • Bike Lock 
  • BYOB (Bring your own Bike) if your not renting one.
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Bug Spray
  • Water (Highly Recommended)
  • Identification
  • Have Fun!!

Electric bike rental options:

Step-through E-Bike ($40) - these e-bikes are amazing for the rider who just wants to relax and not worry about the biking aspect. These pedal assist e-bikes are intuitive and comfy for an effortless urban riding. Our e-bikes have 3 different assisted levels and if you want an exercise you can turn off the pedal assist. 

How it works?

  • Bikes will be dropped off and picked up at the meeting point.
  • Bikes come with a complimentary helmet. Helmets do not have to be worn but we highly reccomend you do. 
  • Bikes will be locked up with our lock by one of our tour guides.
  • Important** in the Order Details please note your height & weight so we can properly match you to a bike.

Can allergies be accommodated Yes of course! We can accommodate most allergies (i.e., gluten, dairy, vegan, vegetarian, keto, etc.) These allergies MUST be noted when booking and cannot be changed on the day of the tour, as restaurants have everything prepared beforehand.

What is the average riding distance? Average riding distance is about 1.5 hours between Canmore and Banff. On an e-bike, hills will be easy and effortless for any skill level of riders, there will be no need to get off the bike. 

What level of biking ability is needed on these tours? This tour is moderate level. If you are hesitant, we recommend to have your e-bike pedal-asssist on the highest level, to facilitate the ride and make the biking experience effortless.

Are alcoholic beverages included? No they are not. This is paid by the customer on the day of the tour.

Are you family friendly? Yes we are! We recommend ages 12+. Anyone under age must be accompanied by an adult.

What restaurants are we going to?Schedule of restaurant is listed on the site. Note: changes to the schedule can happen at any time.

Cancellation Policy? Tickets can be cancelled and refunded up to seven (7) days before your scheduled tour.

Is this a rain or shine event? Yes! We ride rain or shine. Note we are in the restaurants half of the time.

Where do we finish the tour? We will finish off the tour from the starting location. 

Do you offer bike rentals? Yes we do! For our Food e-Bike Tours we offer e-bike rental options. Please look at the Bike Rental tab for more information.

Where to park? There is free parking on the streets

Payment Process? Payment is completed online before the tour begins as you reserve your spot on a Food Bike Tour. We take all forms of payments except cash.

Is there a waiver form to sign? Yes! In your email confirmation you will receive a link to the waiver form. Make sure to read and fill out the waiver form before the Food Bike Tour begins.

Private & Corporate tours. If you need a tour for more than 10 please email our team at

What is the latest time to book a tour? We take bookings no later than 2 days before a tour begins. We cannot guarantee availability.

How does the Food Bike Tour passport work? The Food Bike Tour passport is given to one family member/group. At each stop on the day of the Food Bike Tour guests will receive a stamp/sticker from the local venues we have visited. If guests collect 30 stamps (which can be from other food bike tours, previous years, food walk tours, other locations, etc.) they will receive a $100 gift card to Food Bike Tour LTD. This gift card can be used for any of our products. Make sure to keep your Food Bike Tour passport close!

Capacity of a Legacy Trail Food Bike tour? Our Canmore Food e-Bike Tours have a capacity of 10 guests.

Sneak Peak of our Food e-Bike Tours

An unforgetable experience

This is an amazing way two wheel adventure as you sightsee the city natural destination, discover the aunthetic stories of local businesses all while eating amazing food along the way!