May 8th - Sept 25th

Food eBike Tours are Here!!

Indulge in delicious foods and beverages while touring the city on our electric bikes! Get a real taste of Edmonton's local culinary scene while touring the city without breaking a sweat!

Food Electric Bike Tours

Get ready to embark on an exciting two-wheel motor Food Tour Adventure! Electric bikes are provided and will be awaiting your arrival at Constable Ezio Faranoe Park. Cycle from fabulous restaurant to fabulous restaurant tasting healthy fare direct from the imaginations of the area’s top chefs while enjoying your ride without breaking a sweat. Your Chef Table Living Food Bike Tour is a fresh air/food experience you won’t soon forget. Reserve your food e-bike tour spot now!!

Our Food Electric Bike Tours start in Edmonton on May 8th, and finish on September 25th. (Private food bike tours of 8 or more people are available on days that we're not operating scheduled tours.)

Tour Details

One Tour Every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Food from 4 local establishments are included.

Usually about a 30-minute ride from each location. Average riding route length is 15 to 25 km, at a casual pace. There is no need to worry about hills when your on an electric bike as they do most of the work for you!

We can accommodate most allergies (e.g., gluten, dairy, vegetarian etc.). Any allergy information must be noted when booking your ticket, we cannot make accommodations the day of the tour.

Family friendly, ages 12+.

Our fleet of electric bikes are included on the tour and will be dropped off and picked up from meeting location. Unless you want to bring your own ebike which would reduce the ticket price to a regular Food Bike Tour admission.

Gratuity is appreciated for the guide(s) at your discretion.

Locations we will be visiting are listed below for each month.

May - Food eBike Tour starting at $156

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June - Food eBike Tour starting at $156

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July - Food eBike Tour starting at $156

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August - Food eBike Tour starting at $156

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September - Food eBike Tour starting at $156

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